Orthodontic / Braces Treatment

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With ever changing times, every individual has realized the importance of a beautiful smile. Some of us have it naturally, while others don't. With the advent of newer methods and techniques, it is now possible for all of us to have that infectious smile. But not many of us realise the role played by an orthodontist in giving you the reason to smile. Our In-house Orthodontist Dr. Sharad Kumar M.D.S.(Orthodontics) specialises in Orthodontic / Braces Treatments and being an expert in all the latest technologies in the field, provides the most efficient and affordable treatment options in Invisible Braces.

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. These includes treatment of different conditions:

• OverCrowding
• Deep overbite
• Open bite
• Overjet or upper protruding teeth
• Underbite or lower protruding jaw
• Crossbite
• Spaces in between teeth

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Orthodontic/ Braces treatment in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai.

Orthodontic / Braces treatments requires professional skill in the design, application and control of corrective appliances, such as braces and retainers, to bring teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment and to achieve facial balance.

What is the scope of orthodontic treatment?
Teeth are moved to ideal locations by applying appropriate forces on them. Apart from moving the teeth, it is within the scope of an orthodontist to utilize the growth potential of a child and apply appropriate forces that are capable of restraining, promoting or redirecting the growth of upper and lower jaws. By doing all this, the treatment by itself brings about favorable changes in the facial appearance of an individual.

Orthodontic/ Braces treatment in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai can be completed in few months using latest technology at Smile Please Super Speciality Dental Clinic. Further, Our super- specialist Dr. Sharad Kumar M.D.S.(Ortho)  specialises in formulating a thorough and precise orthodontic/ braces treatment plan based on an appropriate diagnosis. We provide you expert Orthodontic care since 20 years.

At what age the treatment can be done?
This the most common question pertaining to orthodontic treatment. There is a general misconception that this treatment can be done only on growing children. This is absolutely untrue. The treatment can be done at any age, provided the bone condition is good. In fact the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment is increasing rapidly. With the introduction of Invisible braces like Invisalign Aligners,Self- Ligating (Speed Braces) Braces, Ceramic Braces, Mono-crystalline Ceramic Braces, it is very convenient for people of all ages to comfortably opt for braces as a treatment option at Smile Please Super Speciality Dental Clinic.

With the advent of fashion industry and innumerable beauty pageants, there is great awareness amongst people about their dental appearance. So anyone can get this treatment done at any age.

The results of orthodontic treatment can be dramatic — beautiful smiles, improved dental health and an enhanced quality of life for many people of all ages. Outstanding results are also dependent on maximizing the coordination of care between you and our practice.

Signs for Early Orthodontic Examinations
• Early or late loss of baby teeth
• Difficulty in chewing or biting
• Mouth breathing
• Crowding, misplaced or blocked out teeth
• Jaws that shift or make sounds
• Biting the cheek or roof of the mouth
• Teeth that meet or bite abnormally or not at all
• Jaws and teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of the face


Benefits of Early Detection for Orthodontic Treatment
A check-up with an orthodontist no later than age 7 for children who enable the orthodontist to detect and evaluate problems (if any), advise if treatment will be necessary, and determine the best time for that patient to be treated. Patients who have clear indications for early orthodontic intervention, early treatment presents an opportunity to:

• Guide the growth of the jaw
• Regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches
• Guide incoming permanent teeth into desirable positions
• Lower risk of trauma (accidents) to protruded upper incisors (front teeth)
• Correct harmful oral habits
• Reduce or eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech problems
• Improve personal appearance and self-esteem
• Potentially simplify and/or shorten treatment time for later corrective orthodontics
• Reduce likelihood of impacted permanent teeth
• Preserve or gain space for permanent teeth that are coming in

Healthy teeth can be moved at almost any age. Many orthodontic problems can be corrected for adults as children. Orthodontic forces move the teeth in the same way for both a 75-year-old adult and a 12-year-old child. However for adults, complicating factors such as lack of jaw growth, may create special treatment planning needs.