Digital Smile Design : Future of Dentistry

At Smile Please Dental Clinic we take efforts to provide our patients with unsurpassed dental care, Dr. Sharad V. Kumar who is Digital Smile Design Specialist, routinely participate in continuing education courses to remain at the forefront of their field. This innovative imaging system elevates the pre-treatment experience i.e the DSD experience, and allows for greater dental precision and accuracy than ever before.

One of the primary benefits of utilizing the DSD technology is the ability to help patients visualize the outcome of their cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. When a patient arrives for their initial consultation, Dr. Sharad V. Kumar uses the imaging system (in depth photography) to capture a comprehensive set of digital photos of their teeth, mouth, gums, and oral structures. These images can then be modified live in a specialized Application, in partnership with the patient, to reflect the needs and goals of the individual. In addition to the videos and pictures that are used to showcase the treatment plan specially devised by Dr. Sharad, a digitally printed motivational mock-up can be created so that the patient can literally “try on” their new smile. DSD is a great way to enhance planning of both simple and complex  cosmetic procedures, from cosmetic bonding to a Designer Smile.

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