Dental Diagnosis

Dental Diagnosis is the most important aspect in modern dentistry. at Smile Please Dental Clinic, Dr. Sharad V. Kumar ensures that Oral examinations, x-rays and checkups are done to ensure that a proper treatment plan is drawn and executed. The dental diagnosis determines what types of treatments and how an individual patient case is to be treated.

Two main aspects are looked at on dental diagnosis at our clinic:

  • Dental diagnosis policies and standards
  • Dental diagnosis - Technologies

Dental Diagnosis Policies and Standards

At our dental clinic in Navi Mumbai, our clinic is a dedicated dental center with simple objectives:

1) Professionalism in code of conduct
2) International standards
3) Quality care of patients with compassion
Our policies and control checks are set to provide transparency.

We believe in taking the time to educate each of patient on their options and setting realistic targets. A hoslistic approach is taken to ensure that our patients are properly and professionally treated. As with all our treatments, our team takes into considerations the patients long-term prognosis.

Dental Diagnosis - Technologies

To aid our dentists and dental specialists in dental diagnosis and providing good quality dental care, modern equipments and techniques are utilized. Our dental clinic has our own Digital X-ray machine (RVG) and digital intraoral camera, which are used to facilitate systemic diagnosis and treatment plans. Within each specific stream of dentistry, our dental specialists are also aided and guided by specialized instruments with the patient safety functions. The X-smart and Root Apex locator are used in One sitting Root Canal / Endodontic treatments.

Sterilization standards are of the up most importance at our clinic. Our dental clinic places emphasis on sterilization policies and controls, sterilization equipments, personalized sterilization options and have dedicated sterilization machines and technologies in protecting the safety of our patients. Tools such as autoclave sterilizer , ultrasonic cleanser , cold sterilizer, vacuum machine, sunction machines and one-time disposable materials are used to ensure high standards of hygiene and cleaniness are met.